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The Philodendron Birkin is a ”designer plant”, it began as a natural mutation that was discovered, isolated and then grown by professional growers. We're not sure, but this Philodendron plant is likely named after the exclusive and sought after Hermés Birkin bag. By now, Philodendron Birkin is not as inaccessible as the Hermés bag, it's grown in labs by tissue culture and readily available in most places.
The Birkin will however not be tamed that easily - some refer to it as ”highly unstable”, we prefer the term ”highly rebellious”. While most Birkins stay beautifully green/white/striped, some seem less eager to conform.
The original came from Philodendron Red Congo, and some Birkins still throw the odd (and sometimes very odd) red, pink, green or even double leaf for fun. Philodendron Birkin - we salute you, you stubbornly rebellious little beauty! 
As mentioned most Birkins stay green and white, but if you want your own little rebel let us know when you place your order! We’ll happily select a more eccentric specimen for you.


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philodendron birkin philodendron red congo

Philodendron Congo and Philodendron Imperial green

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