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Jag vill handla online, hur fungerar det?
Det är snabbt och enkelt! Välj den växt du vill ha och lägg den i varukorgen och gå sedan till kassan. Du kan antingen gå igenom Expressutcheckning med PayPal eller registrera ett konto för att betala med Klarna eller Swish. När du köper en produkt på kommer du att få ett bekräftelsemail efteråt som kvitto.

Hur kan jag betala?
På kan du betala säkert med Kreditkort, Paypal, Swish och Klarna.

Frakt och leverans

Avhämtning, hemleverans eller paketfrakt.
Pågrund av den rådande situationen i Sverige och världen just nu, kan leveranstiderna komma att fördröjas något.

Paketfrakt till postombud med DHL kostar från 59kr och skickas varje vardag från våra växthus.

0,5-2kg 59kr
2-3 kg 89kr
3-5 kg 109kr
5-9 kg 149kr
9-15 kg 249kr


Handlar du för över 199kr eller mer, och bor i Stockholms kommun, har du även möjlighet att välja hemleverans som kostar 149kr och sker from Fredag 23/4. Vi kontaktar dig via mail för datum och tid.


Can I contact you on social media about my order?
No, we do not deal with order-related matters on Instagram or Facebook. Instead, please email include your order number.

Can I regret my purchase?
We are always here to help! Please contact us at

What is your return policy?
Click here to see our full return policy


Help! I never had a plant before, what do I do?
Don’t be scared (worried), welcome to the plant community! Read the information on the product page and you will be fine. If you have any further questions, just drop us an email.

How do I make my new plant feel comfortable in it’s new home?
Plants will always need some time to naturalize in a new habitat. For the first few days and weeks, take note of how your plant is feeling. How is the temperature or humidity at home? Try to find the right place for your plant. Look at the origin of the plant on our product pages. Try to recreate the conditions similar to the plants native habitat. Patience is the key to happy plants! All you have to do is just keep watching your plants, and then understand them. You can also find care advice for each plant on our webpage.

How come my plant looks different from the photo?
All plants are unique and individual – therefore, they also look different from each other. Some might be taller, others are wider or smaller than the picture. But you can always be sure your plant is one of a kind!

Business Inquiries and Office

We want to buy plants for our office, how can we order from Soli?
Sweet! Please send us an email at and we will make your office green!

Can we rent your plants for our office party or other events?
Plants in the workplace increase productivity, we are 100% sure. For us, plants reduce stress, feed creativity and improve our well-being. Connecting with nature gives us a pause from the hectic urban lifestyle.

Soli offers plants and pots for hire and maintenance. We have a large variety of species and sizes available on request. We always come back with a personalized offer.

Please contact us at:


I’m looking for a very special plant, can you find it for me?
Of course! We love to hear about your favourite plants, and make sure they find their way home to you.

Can I buy a plant I saw on your Instagram?
Sure, just send us a screenshot of the photo/plant you are looking for.

Is sustainability important for Soli?
It’s important to know the ecological footprint of working with plants. We put the environment first in every step of the process; it is not just our products that are green, our packaging are made of reusable and recyclable material. When possible, our plants are shipped in coconut pots. We also prefer to work with growers and partners who embrace Fair Flora.